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3 reasons to go with Nation

Nordic benchmark

Rigorous benchmarking talents against Nordic tech professionals

Cultural fit

Communication skills, cultural adaptability, proactive and self-driven

100% transparency

Detailed information and reporting on  salaries, taxes, benefits, and other fees 

Save time and recruit remote tech talent with confidence

We handle legal compliance, payroll, and IP protection for your remote workforce. 

Diverse range of expertise

  •    #.NET-Framework
  •    #Full-Stack
  •    #Backend
  •    #Frontend
  •    #Data-Science
  •    #DevOps
  •    #Game-Development
  •    #Cybersecurity
  •    #Data-Engineering
  •    #UI-UX
  •    #Blockchain
  •    #Mobile-Development
  •    #Software-Architect
  •    #QA-Testing
  •    #CMS
For Talent
You deserve a career that works for you. Find opportunities in Scandinavia that match your values, ambitions, and strengths.
Keep 100% of what you earn and negotiate your own salary with our 0% talent fee.
Work-life balance, safety, health, & top-tier benefits with minimum 20+ paid vacation days, health insurance, up-skilling…

Foster a mindset of collaboration and learning, while access to experienced coaches can further accelerate growth & development.

For Companies
Our expert team will help you identify, recruit, and efficiently manage the top tech talent without any upfront commitment.
Our screening process ensures that all our talent meets the high standards of Nordic tech talent benchmarking.

Detailed information about the employee’s salary, taxes, benefits, and other fees associated with the employment.

We handle the complexities of payroll taxes, benefits, and other HR functions.

Unbiased Talent Matching

Connect with the perfect talent that aligns with your specific needs.

100% Accurate Payroll

We handle payroll taxes, benefits, and other HR functions.

Consistent contracts

Clear and locally compliant dual-language employment agreements.

Independent infrastructure & inspiring office space

Our inspiring office space is designed with sustainability in mind, creating a work environment that promotes productivity and well-being.

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